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Home sweet home
2010年09月22日 (水) | 編集 |
Ahhhhhhh we are finally home

2009年11月24日 (火) | 編集 |
there are a few situations when i come back to my blog.... most often one being when i'm ill, when i'm stuck at home

i have a high fever and it's been years since i was last this ill.... really gives you the feeling of "my mind says this but my body says no"... i'm aching everywhere and is burning but yet shivering and coughing like mad... so much so it gives me a chest pain... my body feels like it weighs a tonne (although i'm getting chubby i dont think it weighs THAT heavy mah...?) and my sputum is think and i cant clear my throat and it's constantly stuck there etc etc... as you can imagine.

thought i would be better after some medications and sleep... went to work, but was then i realised i couldnt make it... and everybody else at work prolly thinks the same too... so i got sent home, maybe this is a better solution... i've been paralysed on the bed till now, can only manage to do some light-weighted internet surfing... talk about going to the loo, it's too heavy for me unless my bladder ruptures! :p

it was only yesterday that i thought i would need to stay strong... my friend has been ill and there isnt much i can do for her apart from giving her the best care i know of... and within 24 hours i'm the one that needs looking after.

if life changes so unpredictably please let me get better within the next 12 hours so that i can return to work tmr.......... i feel so bad that i've left my colleagues busy and all and yet i'm so grateful that everyone is so willing to help when things happen...

2009年10月18日 (日) | 編集 |
a recent email reminded me

i dont blog no more

never never, maybe later
2009年06月30日 (火) | 編集 |

got the news as a pager message from 2ling
while i was still at work
didnt strike me so much at the time

called her back after work and learned about it
immediate feeling was sad but mixed with "oh that's such a shame he was so cute"

after reading this i know it's more than that
i've been crying for the past 2 hours
i cannot stop

i was about to have the luxurious fortune to take care of this little angel
but before i got round to taking over this job, it's all too late now
too late
i regret
but there's nothing i can do

i know
i understand

buzzie is a true angel
and i probably need to do more good deeds
in order to have the grace to share the happiness he brings to us

RIP little one
super goodnews
2009年06月26日 (金) | 編集 |
i never thought things can go so smoothly!!

Siu Lo

this little girl, so sweet, so pretty, so well behaved
has found a loving home!!!!

many thanks to the lovely couple
they travelled ACROSS (or traverse even!) NT Kowloon and Hong Kong to reach to my flat to visit Siu Lo
then with no hesitancy, travelled again to pick her up

no single moan about me being late

all well prepared to take up the responsibility of looking after this little one
did all the research, asked all the questions
Stocked up with necessities
Mind you, it's their first time to keep a kitten!
extremely cooperative with all our requirements
and kind hearted
volunteered to donate to our society during this hard time

Siu Lo, as described by elaine, was the lucky kid
She was found by the kind hearted lady during the storms
And fortunate enough to be looked after by the lady before she got to me

I, would consider myself even luckier to have met this young little one
she gave me so much happiness during the fostering period

and you two kind hearted people, it's Siu Lo's fortune to have found you

I wish the three of you happy ever after

2009年06月05日 (金) | 編集 |
we will not forget
we dare not forget
forgetting means
history will recur

an extremely well made video

how can we stay silent and contented when the current situation is still THIS ridiculous?!