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2009年04月23日 (木) | 編集 |
(just typed a long long passage and this computer completely crashed... ><)

It's been a century since i last wrote something meaningful... and i probably owe a lot of people update piccies as well (posting piccies on your blog becomes so much more a hassle when it's just one click posting them on facebook).

Some updates then. I'm currently having a three-months rotation in the private sector.... initially i thought i wouldnt have much problem since most people would agree that i'm quite "sociable" (and that's probably the survival skill required in the private sector). And this was partially right since I dont find it a problem getting on with most seniors. However, in the past 23 days I experienced and witnessed certain fakeness/ dirtiness/ weirdness which I have never seen in my life before.

To most people this might be quite familiar if they work in the commercial world; or they might have seen it on TVsoaps already... but to me, i have been serving the public since the first day I started earning a salary... i'm really not used to this... all i can say that I was probably "too simple and too naive' to believe that most healthcare workers would have certain morale... and that Ms Nightingale probably misled me into thinking that all her students are "angels in white" (now i know they are definitely NOT. in white maybe.)

Anyway, enough moaning. 2 months a 7 days to go.

give it to me baby
2008年07月11日 (金) | 編集 |
ah ha, ah ha

2008年06月06日 (金) | 編集 |

越難越愛你 可惜手也挽不起
怎忍心看見你 喜歡兩個一位也對不起
你答應心一死 再與我做知己

萬年未算遠 否則怎配叫苦戀
假使很快見你 這麼快變知己愛意太短
卻更怕等得到 愛意純淨了你已百子千孫

朋友 能愛她有甚麼 也別顧
朋友需要結果 很辛苦
我眼睛雖模糊 仁慈地看出她實在無辜
給撇棄很苦 不要別人來像我 再受苦

越難越愛你 可惜手也挽不起
怎忍心再抱怨 純真對你交心過那怕短
一顆心 轉不轉 能重頭來過亦同樣挑選

朋友 能愛她有甚麼 也別顧
朋友需要結果 很辛苦
我眼睛雖模糊 仍未夠你辛苦

朋友 如你早已幸福 再別顧
朋友早已很多 不辛苦
我眼睛雖模糊 仍像你看出她實在無辜
Carrie Bradshaw
2008年06月03日 (火) | 編集 |
quote of the day...

"because even if you're the only person on the bed, someone has always been there before you"

"i'm pre-occupied... with your ex's breasts, with your ex's lips, with your ex's long legs"

thought of him resembling Mr Big more and more is sorta getting really irritating

why am i left with ZERO confidence nowadays
sex and the city
2008年06月02日 (月) | 編集 |
because of the movie
i'm starting to catch up on episodes i missed out previously

this is one quote i like...
"was secret sex the ultimate form of intimacy, since it existed in a pure state exempted from the judgement of the world? or it's just another way in which we deny our feelingsand emotionaly compartmentalise our lives?"

and what's worst
more and more do i find
he and mr big
are sorta
2008年04月26日 (土) | 編集 |