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blue blue
2007年11月11日 (日) | 編集 |
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Translated for those of you who dont understand Chinese
"Blue Bue, a new born kitten, had both of her back legs chopped off by some cold-blooded insane. While the volunteers were trying to rescue her, they also discovered the way the police treat this kind of crime - they pay minimal attention to the volunteer's request for investigating the matter, and there is tremendous lack of communication and coordination between government departments. This is why this kind of animal abuse still exists in our society.

Would these two painful, bloody rear legs arouse the awareness of the society's attention to animal rights? would it change how this government is currently dealing with animal abuse?? Is it worth it?

It would be totally worth it, if you could join us and stand up for these helpless animals!"

so this is what we did today... we went on a campaign, a strike from cental to government head quarter... and handed over our two big banners - two nicely drawn pictures of two abused animals... and also, our wish to implement more punishment and for the police to improve their attitude towards dealing with this kind of crimes... who knows if anything will be changed after this campaign, but we're not going to give up

thanks you guys
for everything u've done
i'm so glad i came today
and became part of this

particularly loved the song that elaine chose... although the sound equipment wasnt the best, i could still feel the effort, the time that everyone's put into this...
i'm never gonna stop this campaigne as long as i'm still alive...
although the hope is there wont be a need for us to do this anymore, when the government actually acts on implementing more punishments on animal abuse

blue bue...
we all support u
add oil!!!
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