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2008年01月22日 (火) | 編集 |
the last time i cried this hard
was when terry died
it was uncontrollable
like flooding

now, at 2 am
i'm crying in hysterics
i have no idea why this is striking me at this hour of the day
but i certainly know that this has hit me really hard
and the reality has become even more real
when i heard it from yourself today

we all want the best for you
because you're one great great friend
a great mentor
a hilarious, funny colleague
i look up to you
because you were one of the reasons why i was attracted to surgery
you've gotta be one of the most respectful people i know
so devoted to work, so responsible
you're something that i can never be
a natural-born surgeon
a genius

i know this is not a decision that was made overnight
and i understand that you must have come through a lot to be where you are now
it's not easy for you to go
you must have your reasons
no matter how much i wish it was just a dream
wishing that you might change your mind and stay
i know
this is not going to happen
but if your decision is going to make you happier
then so be it
cos it's about time you be nice to yourself, for once

i would definitely miss those fun times we've had together
and i would miss all those you've taught me
i would never grow up the way i would if you're not here
and this department would become grey and dull when you're gone
i cant imagine life without you
but i guess
i've really gotta accept the truth and move on
like you have

i'm gonna miss you so much, not even words can describe it
am always always gonna be on your side
stay happy, barbara
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