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2008年06月02日 (月) | 編集 |
it's been so long since i last wrote a proper, meaningful piece on my blog
without you-tube links, without songs
one reflecting what's really going on in my life
while i'm having bits and pieces of day-offs recently
i began to wonder

is it cos i'm becoming so lazy that i no longer have the urge to write?
or is my life so static and lack of dynamics that i have nothing better to tell everybody?
or is it cos i know i've lost 1/2 of my blog-readers in the past lazy year already?

i can certainly tell you
at this precise moment, i'm at this road junction
you dunno where you're heading to
you dunno which of these roads will lead you to
you dont even know if you WANT to head somewhere at all
here i am
stuck at this road junction
which road i should pick

my motto of "i just wanna find happiness in life"
might be too naive afterall

i dunno what i want
all i know is what i dont want
that is definitely not enough to get me through the dilemma

i'm starting the last month of my ortho rotation
when it becomes so typical - didnt like it at first, then found that it's not so bad aftera while, and by the end i realise that i dont actually wanna leave

this is so typical of me
an indecisive girl
who's really bad at getting used to a new environment

girl who draws yellow lines
but always goes beyond them

how did you know me so well
from having known me for such a short period of time?
2008/06/02(Mon) 22:22 | URL  | christ Botti #-[ 編集]
I think the cross road is not work related. Family issue will not leave anyone making decision (unless divorce) I speculate you are talking about love affairs. So, the road on your left will be as if nothing will change for the coming 2 years. The road on your right will not ask for more at foreseeable future because you havent commit and making him carries no position in making demand. If you take the one on your left, you will regret not having the excitement on taking risk. To take one on your right, you know u will be dragged down to the darkest time of your life. (or else why still need to think?) If the road didnt ask for anything, so why give up the current thing you are having?
Remember you are someone with great inertia and little adaption skill. You will not commit unless being pushed to corner.
You are just very predictable.
The $1000.4 will be in the pocket very soon.

The last bit, "finding happiness" is like chasing the tail by a dog. The harder you are going for, as if it will never be reachable. It's just around, simply you don't feel it.

Please rephrase naive to cute
2008/06/03(Tue) 18:30 | URL  | Chris Botti #-[ 編集]
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