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f*ck 'em all
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it's nice having nice colleagues
cos with them being nice it's sometimes good enough to make me ignore the stupid, inconsiderable, dickish ones

i had bad experience with strangers again
some patient relatives (whom i subsequently found out that they were my patient's colleagues) starting bitching about me and one of my colleagues in a lift, outloud
did they not think that i would've heard or something?

i think they are stupid and i really wont give a shit (except perhaps in the first half hour after it happened)
they are bloody conservative and naive and superficial

to be honest i think my appearance at work is not remotely inappropriate
esp my hair, it's only like brownish now
unlike when i was younger, it honestly used to be blond
i mean, who doesnt dye their hair nowadays except the geeks??
and they really are superficial
cos they never take into considerations that i grew up in a different cultural background
majority of my friends were either english or japanese
they have no right to judge me with their so call hongkie standard

oh well, this wont bother me for too long but a friend brought it up at his blog that's why i'm mentioning it now

sometimes i would think, just because you look trendy and you care about your looks (as oppose to wearing shit and being sketchy and all), it doesnt mean that you're any less professional at work
and it's really unfair for gals
people tend to accept sketchy, stinky guys with dislodged ties or undone buttons or bad breath or greasy hair
rather than accepting girls who dress up because it makes them look better

to be honest i think it's really unprofessional being sketchy cos it really affects the hygiene
while, with a girl looking good, it does not affect patient care at all

how frustrating can it get when people are so narrow-minded
this is one of the reasons why i try not to be sneaky at work
to prove them wrong
i am deleted...with my message.本文が英数字のみの場合は書き込めません。本文が英数字のみの場合は書き込めません。
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本文が英数字のみの場合は書き込めません。本文が英数字のみの場合は書き込めません。i am deleted...with my message.
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