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(i know i have bad luck with computers but never knew they would ALWAYS crash on me esp after a lengthy passage...)

yes yes i dug into the same hole again
this tiny little one
came to my house today

she was found by a regular stray-feeder around a month ago
she was probably around 6 weeks old then
during red rain alert
soaking wet and shivering
so the lady picked her up
subsequently a village shop owner was nice enough to look after her temporarily
but that couldnt have been a permanent solution
so fate has brought her to me
a lady whom i met when i was still living around that area contacted me
after discussion with elaine
we decided to give this little one a chance to be rehomed under the society

so i went to the village to pick her up today
armed with antifleas/ antimites sprays
initially thinking that she might need a good wash
having been a stray and kept in a village shop probably outdoors most of the time
ready to clean her thoroughly so that at least looking after hr wouldnt bring in problems for my four masters at home

the shop owner lady "ling jeh" was extremely friendly and nice
she brought me to the village shop
the shop mainly sells milk and breakfast in the morning
but it's very tidy
its the kind of floor so clean that you probably wouldnt mind sitting on it

the little one was in the shop
shy but curious
a bit scared thus hiding between cardboard boxes
but with her head poking out to see who has come to visit her
she is so well looked after that she is probably cleaner than a lot of indoor kittens
already toilet trained
the lady is even responsible enough to have applied topical antiflea for her already!
was so impressed with how good her condition was

it wasnt difficult getting her into my carrier bag at all
so i thanked the lady and hoped onto the car with the kitten in the carrier bag
all throughout the journey she was looking out of the bag at me
occasionally gave me soft little meows as if she was asking "where are we going?"
i reasurred her and she seemed to understand
she is so calm during travelling
and the meows was so sweet it completely melted my heart

first thing after arriving home was a nice little bath
i used a soaped towel to clean her then rinsed lightly with another wet towel
it was easy-peasy
there was no struggling at all
i cleaned her little ears, face
not a single flea/ mite was found
and there was no eye/ nose discharge at all
very very clean little one
proving that my previous worries was probably too much

i was holding her on my lap and strokig her for ages
she didnt try to escape at all
after a while she even started to enjoy it and started purring

now nursed in a little cage in the kitchen before she settles in
still very scared and not keen to try the canned kitten food yet
but i'm sure she'll do well
she is a very strong kitten and survived the heavy rain

the next step is to find a permanent loving home she can call her own...

some picss....









please please help spread the news around...
give this little kitten a chance

those who know me in person can contact me...

the lady in the shop has named her "Siu Lo"... so i decided to keep that name since she has been looking after her for a month
Sex: female
Age: around 12 weeks...
Date of birth: probably around February 2009
Character: Curious, calm
Health: good
Anti-worms: Yes
Anti-fleas: Yes
Vaccination: pending
Neutering: pending

領養條款 Terms and Conditions

領養者必須年滿21歲, 如未滿21歲者, 需獲得家人同意;
領養者如與人同住, 需獲得家中各人同意;
以保護貓隻為由, 必須安裝窗網(詳細資料: http://www.catsocietyhk.org/cs/?q=node/16);
領養者必須承諾替貓兒進行絕育手術, 並每年帶貓咪到註冊獸醫處注射有效防疫注射及身體檢查;

未注射預防疫苗: 港幣一百元正
已注射第一針預防疫苗: 港幣三百元正
已注射第二針預防疫苗: 港幣四百五十元正
已被安排絕育: (男) 港幣 八百元正 (女) 港幣八百五十元正
如領養時貓隻並未絕育, 領養者需支付五百元正按金, 並於絕育後出示註冊獸醫證明方可退回

有意者, 請電9192 5091或email至adoption@catsocietyhk.org (please state: interestedin SiuLo")

please help spread the news around!
contact me if interested!!
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