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this is what one of my close friends wrote about on her blog
it kinda expresses my views too

loneliness... is one of the hardest emotions to beat
we feel lonely despite being surrounded by numerous people, or depsite being in a stable relationship
because we cant get enough

we're not contented with the amount of attention paid on us
we're not contented with the amount of compliments given to us
we're not brave enough to face the fact that we are unimportant or insignificant
we always tend to want more than we already have

self-sufficient... yes and no, i guess...
if a person is self-sufficient, the chances are they're less likely to feel lonely because their lives are probably too colourful for them to feel lonely
but even if one is self-sufficent, happy with their lives, they still need a company
god created adam and eve, in a pair... human beings were born to need a company
and to a certain extent it might be basic instinct... like dogs, cats, or any other animals, we all want attention, we need reassurance and appreciation...
it's also about being possessive too...
it depends on what your focuses are

a pretty girl might feel lonely despite constantly being told that she is very pretty... beacuse what she really wants might be someone who would appreciate her talent at work

a rich man might feel lonely despite having 10 wives because none of them actually understand him

a couple who've been married for 50 years and get on really well might feel lonely because sweet talk and romance might be what's missing in their relationship

a first wives who owns all the posessions of her husband might feel lonely because her husband has not slept with her for years because of his mistress

and the mistress might feel lonely because although the man loves her more than he loves his wife, she's never the one he can officially bring to social events

after all... no matter where the focus is... it's all about greed...
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